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Downtown LA

I stayed with a good friend of mine who lives in downtown LA in my final weeks on the west coast. The skyline was amazing! I got so used to seeing the beach almost every day living in Venice that it was a welcome, however different, view. (Although I choose beach over buildings any day.) These are mostly taken at different times of the day from my friends couch in his loft.


Beautiful afternoon sun


Smog burning off


Skyline at night


Some cool craft fair thing

More posts to come from my journey back east.

San Fraaaaancisco

I went to San Francisco. We were touristy and it was fun.


San Francisco has this big boat farmers market thing


It also has sea gulls and big bridges


And more buildings


And my best friend.




Hey look, water and buildings.


People in San Francisco like bikes.


People in San Francisco like to feed pigeons (but not touch them because it’s a felony)


See that green speck in the center there? That’s the crookedest street in the world. Can’t you tell?


See that yellow house there? That’s the house from Full House. And in the background, there’s more buildings!


This is Amoeba. It’s in Berkely and has a couple other locations.

I like San Francisco!

Rock Climbing

I took a rock climbing lesson through Treks and Tracks, a company a would very highly recommend to anyone in the LA area. Paul and Chris, my guides, were extremely knowledgeable and helpful on my first real climbs. I went back the next day to take some photos of the next class. Paul rigged me up at the top of the cliff thing and I got my first taste of shooting from the top. It was a rush (read: terrifying) to experience the day after my first climbing class.







All photos © Mallory Benedict. Do not use without permission.

barefoot run cross country

Rae Heim is 18. A couple weeks ago she finished a run across the country which she started in April. She finished in Manhattan Beach after running over 3,500 miles.

Oh ya, and she was barefoot. Rae did the run for Soles 4 Soles. You can view her donation page here.

Photos © Mallory Benedict. Do not use without permission.

Videos I Love.

These are some great, and very very beautiful, pieces I want to share. I had zero to do with their creation.

One of my infallible favorites

They are all highly stylized but I definitely feel like the aesthetics lend themselves to the magic of each story. There is definitely a time and a place for it.


Coast to Coast

I recently got an internship in LA for Lauren Greenfield Photography so my dad and I hit the road from Richmond Va. to LA Ca.

Here are some photos. Film photos to come.

Windmills, Kansas


Colorado, somewhere west

Western Colorado

Vetere Watermelons, Utah. I bet this stand has been instagrammed to death


Utah, some kind of Death Mountain or valley thing

Marina Del Rey, California

Republican National Convention : Floored

A series of images of the floor from around the convention, including speeches, rallies, protests and parties.

Ron Paul Rally, August 26 2012

HomoCon,  Gay Republican Dance Party, August 28 2012

Beers and Brats, a Wisconsin Delegate Party, August 29 2012

Planned Parenthood Rally, August 29 2012

Huffington Post Oasis, August 30 2012


Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech, August 30 2012


Krystal Knight from The Feisty House

A few weeks ago I was honored to photograph a style feature for The Everygirl featuring style blogger Krystal Knight. Check out her blog here. Below are some of my selects from the shoot.








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